So you won a weekly prize worth $50, now what? The safe answer would be to put it in the bank and save it! The more fun answer is to splurge on yourself, you deserve it! After all, it’s FREE MONEY that you won!

What do we think you should spend it on? Here’s some ideas that you can think about.

  • A fancy meal for one

$50 might not go a long way on a date… but for one person it’s more than enough! When’s the last time you took yourself on a date and really enjoyed yourself. It’s a mini vacation and a much needed refresher. Have you never gone to a restaurant alone? It’s actually a great experience.

  • New clothes

Upgrade that wardrobe and go to your next outing in style. All paid for by Lucky Drawings. Impress someone. We know there’s a new shirt or jacket that you want. Buy it.

  • See a movie

What pairs well with a nice dinner? Some popcorn and a large soda. There’s so many good movies being released right now and with $50 you can get an EXTRA LARGE popcorn and a refill + all the candy your heart desires.