What do you think? Is there an answer? Can the forces of the universe conspire to help us get lucky? Do you know what we think? We think it does. BUT, we think people make their own luck with smart decisions.

For example, we think probability and luck play a central part in people’s lives. It was once said by a Roman philosopher that luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” Over the centuries it still pertains (that’s how you know a parable is good!)

If you want to get lucky you need to take a risk, make a decision first. On Lucky Drawings all you need to do is enter for a prize. THAT’S PREPARATION. You can enhance your preparation by submitting all of your entries too, turn the probability in your favor, then you’ll have more luck in life.

Anytime you can get better odds, you should take them! Poker and Blackjack professionals don’t just get lucky everyday and make a living off of that, they prepare, they know the odds, and they take advantage of them. 

It’s within your power to change your luck, it only takes one entry to win, but it takes multiple to keep winning.